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Summit Engineering is at our best when we can engage early in the project to clearly understand the client’s expectations and project requirements. These insights set the tone for managing scope, schedule and budget as we execute on projects alongside our clients.

In the field

Summit Engineering delivers engineering services for real world projects. Click on the sections below to learn how we overcome the specific challenges of clients across the country.

Multi-Well Pad – DJ Basin, WY
Modular designed multi-well pad site that can service 1-12 wells. Designed a modular pipe rack system than can be easily modified to add additional trains to the system. Very minimal field welding was needed to complete this project by having these pipe rack modules prefabbed in a shop. The pipe racks allowed the client to eliminate heat trace and use glycol heat loop to prevent freezing in the cold Wyoming winters.Modular Designed multi-well pad site 

Multi-Well Pad  – DJ Basin, CO
As-Built wellpad site for a client in Eaton, CO. This site will be expanded to 11 total wells in the next few months. Summit Engineering has been commissioned to design/engineer this expansion, including a lift station and LACT unit. We are also currently in the process of Designing and Engineering a 12 well pad for the same client a few miles down the road. Through detailed engineering, the future project found that a bulk horizontal separator added in place of the VRT’s has improved the process and recovery prior to tank battery, thus providing continuous improvement on future designs.

Central Processing Facility  – DJ Basin, CO
25 Well CPF with 4 test and 4 bulk vertical separation trains, 14 Oil and 8 Water API 12F tanks. Designed for expansion with additional gas lift. Trenching corridor layout was provided as part of the design package.Central Processing Facility
21 Well CPF with 2 test and 2 bulk v separation trains, 8 Oil and 6 Water API 12F tanks. Expandable to 4 bulk, this design was a mirror image of Horsetail 07 West, which was located directly across the county road.Central Processing Facility

Tankless Central Processing Facility – DJ Basin, CO
24 well TCPF, 30,000 gallon hHorizontal vessel for each Oil and Water, conforming to the requirements of subpart OOOOa of 40 CFR part 60.Tankless Central Processing FacilityTrenching corridor layout was provided as part of the design package:Trenching Corridor for Tankless Central Processing Facility
Fabrication ISOs indicating insulated lines, Cut lengths and weld identification along with a master Bill of Materials was included in the Piping Package:Fabrication ISOs insulated lines

Project description/ specs

Gas Plant
Project description/ specs

Oil Tfimmna
Project description/ specs

Natural  Gas Compressor Station – Piceance Basin, Colorado
Site Study, Permitting support, Engineering & Design, and Construction Management of a 14MMSCFD Natural Gas Compressor to an existing Compressor Station. 
Several challenges had to be considered in our design because the facility was an operating compressor station with an extremely small footprint (BLM land), design had to consider existing equipment and piping and the schedule was aggressive because of service date commitments.

High Pressure Natural Gas Pipeline — Piceance Basin

Project /construction management project scoping to the completion and commissioning of a high-pressure natural gas utility pipeline serving the Roaring Fork Valley (Glenwood Springs), located in a very tight corridor in an environmentally sensitive area.   Several miles of 6-inch pipeline were replaced along with engineering & design of ancillary pipeline facilities (regulator stations, TBSs, and valving), GIS, permitting and ROW support and construction oversight.

·         Field support to develop pipeline ROW and permitting stages.
·         Develop the construction Scope of Work (SOW) and IFB package(s) for client to send out for bid.
·         Provide Survey services for ROW and permitting.
·         Developed alignment sheets, trenching details, As-built of portions of installed pipelines.  
·         Provide oversite for overall construction of the project and confirm construction and installation practices are within client construction standard and O/M
Weekly progress meetings/reports, adherence to the schedule.
                    ·    Project inspection oversight and documentation. trenching/ boring, installation of new pipeline, pressure testing, backfill, final site grading, cleanup etc.
                    ·    Developed a Project Job Book that contains: Daily Progress Reports and all other necessary reports for the project:
                                        ·  Radiographic inspection, pressure test, OQ Task, visual, meetings, excavation, photos…
                                        ·  Drawings: steel weld map, as-built (GIS), Certifications: Welder, PE…
·         Materials management – BOM  
·         Developed  engineered drawings for a 6” block valve assembly, 2” regulator, 2- 2” fire valves w/ BOM. Coordinated tie in timing (work with operations)

 Challenges: Multiple landowners concerns/demands, Multiple obsticals (At least 100 crossings)  and tough terrain, and environemental (wetlands/army core 404 / had to bore (large boulders) w/ no vehical access (area extremely restricted w/ multiple obsticals – water pipeline, fiber, phone..).

Natural Gas Utility Distribution Pipeline, Nebraska/Colorado
Summit Engineering provides project and construction management services for this multi-year program, installing approximately over 250 miles of gas distribution piping (2″ – 6″) steel and PE pipe throughout central Nebraska and NE Colorado. We are responsible for all aspects of the project from concept, project planning with the state commission, procurement, permitting, ROW, contractor pre-qualification, construction coordinaton, daily inspection paperwork review, pressure test and tie-in procedures/coordination, and all aspects of project execution.  Summit coordinated multiple client office locations and field technicians to provide minimum impact to landowners and tenants, while being the single POC for all issues related to the project.Natural Gas Utility Distribution Pipeline

Construction Managment
Project description/ specs

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